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The Sun is considered to be the father, the Moon the mother, Jupiter the elder brother and Mars and Mercury the other younger brothers and sisters. Each and every member of the family has a responsibility towards the family and while the mother and the father have a more important role to play, others also need to contribute equally in order to make the family a happy one.

Astrology has an important role to play in the success of your family life as your stars and planets in your horoscope tell how your family life is going to be. Their placement in your and your partner’s horoscope affects a lot of things in your life. There are many external factors on which the happiness of your family depends like wealth, progeny and other things and these in turn are affected by the placements of the planets. These planets need to have a benefic placement for a successful and happy married life.

Astrology for children is based on the same principles that govern adult signs, namely that a child’s overall soul plan is somehow written in the stars like a map that we can use as. Sometimes, as Astrology-Zodiac-Signs noted, Libras will also have lots of self-pity. To deal with this Kunhardt said, 'don't join your child in making a mountain out of a molehill. Also, don't just tell them 'you're fine, don't cry.' I wouldn't jump to either extreme with your reactions.

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Lot Of Children Astrology Reading

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The Lot Of Children In Astrology

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LotLot Of Children Astrology
  1. Create a whole sign chart
  2. Calculate the Lord of Sons
  3. Calculate the Lord of Daughters
  4. Calculate the Lot of Children
    1. If the Sun is above the horizon (above the Asc/Desc axis), then calculate the lot by taking the distance from Jupiter to Saturn (counterclockiwise, as always) and add this distance to the Ascendant.
    2. If the Sun is below the horizon, take the distance from Saturn to Jupiter and add this to the Ascendant.
  5. The sign the Lot falls in is now a significator for fertility.
  6. The Lot of Children and the ruler of the lot should be in 1, 4, 5, 7, 10, 11 or same sign as MC or IC
  7. Use the Lot of Children as 1st house (fertility)
    1. Fertile Signs in order: Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Taurus, Capricorn, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Virgo
    2. Pisces and Cancer are highly fertile
    3. Leo, Virgo and Gemini are signs of low fertility.
  8. Count signs from the lot to its lord, whatever the number is that is the number of children
  9. If there is a malefic planet(s) between the lot and its lord, it indicates the death of children. We should see that in:
    1. Henry VIII’s chart;
    2. Catherine of Aragon’s chart;
    3. Anne Boleyn’s chart.
    1. Determine the sex of the children:
      1. The Lots conjunct or oppose the Sun, expect more male children;
      2. The Lots conjunct or oppose the Moon, expect more female children;
      3. Without an aspect to the lot from the planet(s), the first child will be miscarried or will die. We should see that with Henry VIII and Catherine of Aragon because Catherine miscarried her first child. However, we SHOULD NOT see this in Anne Boleyn’s chart since her first child was Queen Elizabeth I.
    2. Judge the location of the lots
      1. If the Lots are in the cardinal or beneficial place, then there is a good indication for children.
      2. If the Lot is in 6th or 12th house, the child will be born and bring a great distress.
      3. If the Lots are in opposition or conjunction with planets, then expect to have a multitude of children.
      4. If the Lots are in the sign of few children, then the person will have a small number of children.
      5. If Saturn is with it, then it indicates he will be sterile or will have few children or will be grieved with an intense grief on account of children.
    3. The second stage is to analyze the condition of 5th
    4. Are there any planets in 5th house?
      1. Jupiter, Venus, Moon, Mercury – Excellent sign
      2. Saturn, Mars, Sun – Not good! (below breakdown is from the Doctorine of the Nativities, John Gadbury
      3. Jupiter in 5th house – many children
      4. Mars in 5th house without essential dignities – fewer children, they will bring sorrow and trouble
      5. If Mars in 5th house essentially strong – honorable and powerful children
        This will be reinforced if Mars is in the sign of Jupiter (Pisces or Sagittarius)
      6. Sun in 5th house – fewer children
      7. If Sun is in 5th house with Mars or Saturn – Children will die
      8. If Mars is with Jupiter – children will live and will have a splendid reputation of the world.
      9. Venus is in 5th – joy and many children
      10. Mercury in 5th house – children will be eager to study, talent in math and science
      11. Moon in 5th house – many children
      12. North Node in 5th house – Children will live long lives and very fortunate
      13. South Node in 5th house – denies children

What is the condition of 5th house?

  1. Fertile, Semi-Barren, Barren
  2. William Lilly (1647) in CHAPTER CXVIII of his book Christian Astrology described the signs as follows:
    1. Aries: By reason Mars, a sterill planet hath that for his house, and the Sun for Exaltation, is rather a Sign of Barrennesse than otherwise.
    2. Taurus: Is reputed more fruitful than barren, being the house of Venus, who is fruitful, and the exaltation of the Moon.
    3. Gemini: Is adjudged barren, being the house of Mercury, who discerns nothing of himself.
    4. Cancer is the most fruitful and bountiful Sign, it being the house of the Moon, and the exaltation of Jupiter.
    5. Leo: Is reputed barren, being the house of the Sun, and Lyons bring forth Young rarely.
    6. Virgo: Hath the name of the barren Signe, for Mayds of themselves produce no Births.
    7. Libra: Rather a Signe of fecundity, it being the house of Venus, and Saturn his exaltation.
    8. Scorpio: Though the house of Mars, yet generally accepted for fruitful.
    9. Sagittarius: Ever conceived fruitful, because the house of Jupiter.
    10. Capricorn: A Signe of few children inclining to barrenness.
    11. Aquarius: Without doubt more fruitful than barren.
    12. Pisces: Very productive and efficiently, being the House of Jupiter and exaltation of Venus, its Signe of many Children.Analyze the condition of 5th house ruler.
  3. Is the Lord of 5th house having tight aspects (Venus or Jupiter)?
  4. Find the most dignified significators of the children.
    1. If it is oriental (lesser degrees than the Sun e.g Sun in Capricorn, Venus in Sagittarius), children will come in youth (before 30)
    2. If it is occidental, old age
    3. If it is on MC or 11th house, children will come in youth
    4. If in the 3rd, 9th or 4th, in mid-life
    5. If Part of Children is in Asce, children will come in youth
    6. If the Part of Children in 7th or in 4th house, children will come at the end of life.

Now, you are ready to time the conception.

  1. Run a Solar Return Whole Sign chart exclude modern planets (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto)
  2. If Solar Return Venus or/and Jupiter should conjunct, square or oppose Lot of Children with a tight aspect, expect to have a child that year (conception only).
  3. Also, check the profection chart for that year, if profected asce reaches the sign of Jupiter or Venus.
    1. For Example, let’s say you are 39 years old. Natal Asce is age 0. There are 12 houses in a chart. Every house represents a year. So 39th year falls on 4th house cusp. Lord of 4th house becomes Lord of the Year.
    2. Run a Solar Return and analyze what condition is the Lord of the Year in the Solar Return.

Now, let’s apply this theory for several people

  1. Angelina Jolie