Lunar Eclipse And Astrology

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They included a solar new moon eclipse on March 20, 2015 in Pisces at 29 degrees, and later, a solar eclipse September 12 in Virgo at 20 degrees arrived. Two eclipses in the Aries-Libra family dotted the year too, with a lunar eclipse in Libra on April 4, at 14 degrees, and lunar eclipse full moon September 27 Aries 5 degrees. Many cultures throughout history have honored lunar deities, including Artemis, Selene, and Thoth. In some Chinese religions, offerings are made to the ancestors on the night of a full moon. In some Native American legends, the moon is held captive by a hostile tribe. A pair of antelope hope to rescue the moon and take it the village of a good. The astrology of moon signs for March 2021 - Free lunar astrology information and moon sign articles with each new moon and full moon plus eclipses. The total moon astrology - zone.

Lunar eclipse astrology july 2020

June Solstice Update

in: Cancer 0°
June 20, 2020 @ 09:45 p.m. GMT +0
June 20, 2020 @ 02:45 p.m. PDT -7

As the sun moved into the sign of Cancer on June 20, 2020 (9:45 pm UT), the moon was just starting to align to form a new moon and culminate into a solar eclipse nine hours later. In the US, this particular Sunday is celebrated as Father's Day. Celebration aside, there are so many factors in combination with this new moon/solar eclipse that speak to change, transition, awakening, or 'all-out woke-ness.' The eclipse occurring in the zero degrees of Cancer speaks to family, emotionality, and childhood memories. For all intents and purposes, the solstice chart and the eclipse chart, are one and the same. As such, it is recommended that you read the eclipse report on the Cancer Solar Eclipse to get the general theme of this Season.

The Solstice (Summer for Northern Hemisphere/Winter for Southern) is the peak declination of the Sun to the Tropic of Cancer. Yes, there is a Tropic of Capricorn in the Southern Hemisphere for the other Solstice of the year.


Rather than make the full out solstice report at this time, let's focus on ways to navigate through this period given the messages from the Planets.

Libra july horoscope. The strengths we will have for this season actually come in the form of the Moon, which rules over Cancer as it joined up with the Sun. Learning how the speak the truth at the opportune time is important for helping to find healing. All too often, our Moon placements will encourage us to stay silent. But this time, it is appropriate to speak with honesty and sincerity. Not that flippant spiteful stuff. But, the real truth. The truth that comes from the core. The truth we knew as children. The sensitivity that helps us to understand.

Mercury's retrograde motion in Cancer, along with Venus's retrograde motion in Gemini are pushing us to re-examine what we perceive as truth. We are expected to revisit events that perhaps didn't pan out too well, the first time. Or, events we didn't realize has some problems at their onset. Don't be too hasty to shrug off these messages as 'just the retrograde' as there is hidden meaning trying to help us to find the truth that the Moon is attempting to speak.

This should give us a good running start to this season's Solstice. It's the new season that can reward us with new perspectives and new awareness if we choose to step up to the challenge it is issuing to us at this moment.

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Lunar Eclipse And Astrology

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